Forestry Mulching

Forestry Mulching is a modern method of land clearing that is both sustainable and cost effective. Our mulching machine simultaneously clears unwanted vegetation and turns it into mulch, returning a nutrient rich organic matter to the topsoil.   The benefits of forestry mulching over traditional methods such as bulldozing and burning are:


  • the mulch will improve soil productivity by conserving moisture in the ground

  • the native seed bank is retained within the soil

  • a reduction in weed regrowth

  • the mulch will act as a barrier to soil erosion

  • making mulch out of the cleared vegetation removes the need for costly waste disposal or burning

Asset Protection Zones

Forestry mulching is an effective method for creating Bush Fire Protection Zones around your property.  We have successfully created and maintained fire trails throughout regional National Parks as part of their bushfire management plan.  For a demonstration video of our forestry mulching machine in action, click through to our Youtube Channel.


It is also commonly used for setting up high risk asset protection zones for dwellings such as hospitals, schools, aged care facilities and utilities such as power and water.

Forestry mulching can be used in three core ways in relation to bushfire management: 

  • Bushfire Prevention:  reducing fire fuel load and intensity by removing understory vegetation 

  • Active Fire Control: creating fire breaks on active fires to enable firefighters to safely put in control lines​

  • Post-fire: mulching fallen trees, retaining the native seed bank for regrowth and preventing soil erosion



Weed Control

By removing unwanted vegetation with our forestry mulching machine invasive weeds such as bitu bush, blackberry, privet and lantana can be effectively removed as an initial step in a weed control



We also offer a slashing service for less dense vegetation such as paddock grasses. From preparing vacant blocks for sale to paddock restoration, this machine is fast and efficient.