Clear your land without destroying it

Forestry Mulching services that rival traditional methods

Cost-effective. Time-efficient. Environmentally Sustainable.

Is your land overgrown with invasive weeds and introduced shrubs and trees? 

Are you ready to start a new project on that untended block?

 Or perhaps you're worried about the threat of bushfire?

You're in the right place... 

Level & Spade Earthmoving are specialists in forestry mulching - the sustainable way to clear small trees, shrubs and weeds without the devastating impact of soil erosion.


We service the greater Hunter Region and would love to help you with your next land clearing project.

Why Choose Forestry Mulching?


Unlike traditional land clearing methods, forestry mulching doesn’t burn the cleared material, which can be a fire risk and cause pollution. It also doesn’t require you to remove the vegetation from the site, which can be expensive, time-consuming and messy. 


Instead, our highly-efficient machinery clears the unwanted vegetation while simultaneously processing it into nutrient-dense mulch that creates a protective layer across the site: 


  • preventing soil erosion

  • suppressing unwanted weeds

  • retaining the native seed bank to encourage new growth

The end result?

  • Your property is cleared of invasive species

  • You have a clean slate for starting that new project

  • You can relax knowing your assets are better protected from bushfire


And all without a bill higher than traditional methods. 

Why work with us? 

bitou-bush-clearing (1).png

Before: Vacant block overgrown with invasive Bitou Bush 

After: Bitou Bush mulched and native trees remain

Why Choose Us? 

We are not just machine operators. 

Our expertise in horticulture means we can help you identify the invasive plants from the natives. So when it is needed, we can be selective about the plants that need clearing.

We don't waste time or money on removing vegetation from the site. Which means you have access to your land sooner with money leftover to spend on your next project.

We also offer earthmoving services including excavation, creating rural driveways and site preparation. 

I engaged Level & Spade to provide forestry mulching services as part of a fire trail bushfire mitigation project.  I was very impressed with Tim's level of professionalism and focus on safety in his approach to the challenges of the job.  I received excellent data electronically on the progress of the works and the project came in on time and budget.

Senior Field Supervisor
National Parks & Wildlife Service